Tear Stains in the English Bulldog

Common Health Problem in English Bulldogs-Tear Stains

Tear stains are caused by a yeast overgrowth (Red yeast) because you have excess tearing. When the hair is wet from excess tearing it is the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Red Yeast causes the deep reddish-brown stain. Low grade bacterial infections in the tear ducts are also common and may cause excess tearing and staining.(Tetracycline) is normally prescribed, your English bulldog's permanent teeth need to be in before giving, always talk to your vet before giving any antiboitic.) Ear mites or an ear infection can also cause excess tearing. So check your bullies ears... You can have staining in other places other than the face(chin, feet,chest) This is more noticeable if your pet has a white, or light colored coat under its chin and chest and on his paws where he lays his head on his feet.If your English bulldog has entropion or distichiasis this can cause excess tearing. You will want to have your vet evaluate your Bulldogs eyes to rule this out.

Eliminating excess tearing is one of the best ways to stop staining. I believe diet plays a major part in tear staining. We have had great success with the NuVet Vitamins and sometimes nothing else is needed.Most dog foods have "Free radicals" in them which makes your pet have reactions to them. NuVet vitamins help rid your dog of them(click their link below to read on this.) Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato food it is an all natural food with no additives, preservatives or food color. I believe that the dogs are having an allergic reaction to something in other brands of food, which makes them tear excessively.Changing your bulldogs food to the Wellness will dry up all staining. We Show Dogs with other breeders who swear by adding Nupro Supplements to any dog food. I have seen photo of their dogs before and after. Their results are just as great as feeding the Wellness.

Exel pledglets and Otomax are a good thing to keep on hand for the dogs that have a tiny amount of tear staining. Its ingredients keep the bacteria and yeast under control.

For stains under the chin, we have found letting our dogs drink out of water bottles or lixits help the chin not to stay wet all the time. Also feeding out of Stainless steel bowls they do not harbor bacteria.

Products that reduce Tear and Facial Stains
Tear Stain Products

NU Vet Vitamins order code of 98864We give these vitamins to all our dogs 100% of the time. We recommend them for helping with tear staining. Good nutrition is a must for your bulldog. We start giving it to the puppies at weaning, the powder is great! It is very important to have a strong immune system to prevent things from happening and maintaining overall good health of your pups. A strong immune system will help increase you pet's longevity and quality of life. We encourage anyone who gets a Bulldog from us to continue using the Nu Vet supplements.

Fish Cycline (Tetracycline) 250mg (100 capsules) Normal dosing for a 50lb dog would be 500mg twice a day until tearing stops. Then reduce to once a day. Then on down to once every 3 days. ALWAYS CONSULT A VETERIANIAN BEFORE GIVING, TO GET INSTRUCTIONS. This can cause dry eye if abused. Just like in humans Permanent teeth must be in or will cause a darkening of them.

  • Eye Envy NR Tear Stain Remover Starter Kit for Dogs Whether you’re prepping for show or bopping around town, ugly stains beneath the eyes can ruin your dog’s look. Eye Envy is an easy way to eliminate the stains without irritating that sensitive eye area. This is the only product that we had excellent results from.
    Wellness Fish and Sweet potato. We have used this food with great success in eliminating tear stains and lick stains on our dogs we are showing. It keeps all white, extra white. Often a bulldog will stain because of the food it is eating, 98% of the time this food change is all that is needed to eliminate tearing. You can do an internet search for Old Mother Hubbard Dog food. They have a store locator on their site and you can find a store near you that carries it.

    If you dog has earmites.

    Note: Trimbull Bulldogs has produced this document for education purposes only. Our definitions of the common problems in English bulldogs are our opinions only.These opinions have been formed by years experience in the bulldog breed having read numerous articles over the years. ALWAYS consult your veterinarian with any problem that may occur.