Skin & Coat Care of your English bulldog
Regular Shampoo for your English Bulldog

  • Bio-Groom Protein Lanolin Conditioning Shampoo (12 oz) is a tearless, puppy-mild shampoo concentrate. Cleans without stripping natural oils from skin and coat. Good for English Bulldog puppies and adults.
  • Bio-Groom Waterless Bath Shampoo (16 fl oz)This tearless shampoo brightens and highlights while adding luster to your bulldogs coat. It is quick-drying, excellent for quick touch-ups.Requires no rinsing very good in between baths when regular bathing is not possible.Safe on puppies contains no harsh chemicals.
  • Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)
    A must for all English Bulldogs. These pledgets are used to clean a bulldogs wrinkly face. Which at times, due to no air the wrinkles can harbor bacteria and yeast. Cut the wipes in half and get twice the use. good for ear maintenance too!

  • Medicated Shampoo for your English Bulldog

  • DermaPet Malacetic SPRAY (8 oz)
    A lot of times when you get your new English Bulldog puppy and you let him play outside he will develop a rash or red bumps on his belly. If not treated quickly this rash can be hot to the touch and very painful also setting up a skin infection. This spray will help him/her get over it quickly. Once your puppy gets tall enough that the grass doesn't prick his belly this will no longer occur. Just imagine if you were on your belly rolling around in the grass you would have the same thing occur on yours. His belly is as sensitive as yours. The spray is also great to have on hand, any time he has any skin irritation you can just spray this on a couple of times a day and it nearly always make it go away. It is antibacterial and anti fungal. Definitely a must have, and something to purchase before you bring your new baby home...
  • Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (8 oz)This is a unique, pleasant smelling, antifungal, antibacterial, deodorizing, degreasing shampoo. Works on most skin conditions of the English Bulldog.
  • Allermyl Shampoo by Virbac - 8oz used for the topical management of allergic skin conditions of the English Bulldog.