Products we recommend or use when raising a litter of pups
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Breeding a bulldog, or have a pregnant bulldog? below are links to products we use
  • Prior to Breeding

  • NuVet Labs We give these vitamins to all our dogs 100% of the time. We recommend them to anyone considering breeding a litter. Good nutrition is a must for your female and her puppies, in the womb.We have healthier, stronger newborn puppies since we started using Nu Vet. Once we wean our puppies from Mom, we sprinkle the Nu Vet powder over their food. It is very important to have a strong immune system to prevent things from happening and maintaining overall good health of your pups. A strong immune system will help increase you pet's longevity and quality of life. We encourage anyone contemplating breeding a litter of pups or a person who gets a Bulldog from us to continue using the Nu Vet supplements.

  • Canine Pregancy Test Kit (5 tests) Witness Pregnancy Test is a blood test that is accurate at 30days

  • Wellness Dry Dog Food Fish & Sweet Potato Studies have shown that Salt free diets aide in the prevention of water puppies which affect the bulldog breed. We feed Wellness to our females once they come in season. Be sure to check out the can, and treat too!

    The Bulldog Yesterday, Today, and Tommorrow By John F McGibbon This book goes over how to raise a litter of bulldog puppies
    A must have!

    Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook by James M. Griffin Excellent resource to have, very helfpful for the English Bulldog Owner, and those contemplating breeding a litter
  • After they arrive

  • Nutri-Cal for Puppy High-Calorie Nutritional Supplement, 4.25-Ounce Nutrical Supplement for Pets 4.25 oz We use this for weak pups or a puppy that just needs some extra calories.You need to have this on hand. If the mom of your puppies begins to have head tremors when nursing the puppies, this could be the beginning of a calcium deficiency, or an electrolyte imbalance from having the C-section. Give this immediately! if this does not stop them or they become violent. Seek vet assistance immediately! Also good for a grown dog at a show that will not eat.

  • Conklin Fastrack Canine Gel for Dogs, 20cc We give this every 24 hours for the first 2wks. I place a small amount the size of an english pea in there mouth. You are giving your mom antibiotics which is transferring to your puppies and most likely killing the good bacteria they have in their gut. Normally around 22 hours they will start getting a loose stool, after the next dose it is checked.

  • EsbilacŪ Powder Milk Replacer for Puppies & Dogs 12oz Esbilac We use this to supplement puppies when they may not be getting enough from mom.

  • ProSelect Stainless Steel Puppy Dish, 11-Inch With the raised center of this food blow it makes it great for keeping pups out of the pan! Less Mess

  • Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen, 24 Inches by 30 Inches
    These pens can be used indoors or out to provide a SAFELY contained area for your puppies