Norm x Misty




1st . Gen

2nd. Generation

3rd. Generation

4th. Generation

5th. Generation

Ch. Hetherbull Kastlerock Norm sire of 5 champions

CH Glyndebourne Gentle Warrior HOF sire of 10 Champions

Ch. Satuit Frisky Business sire of 3 Champions

Ch. Cherokee Geronimo sire of 2 Champions

Ch. Dingman’s Hunk of Hetherbull HOF sire of 16 champions

Bounty Daphne HOF dam of 4 champ

Satuit Yankee Rose  dam of 2 Champions

Ch. Glyndebourne Royal Fanfare

Satuit Seawyx dam of 3 Champions

Ch. Glyndebourne Impresaria  HOF dam of 4 ch

Westfield Stones Throw sire of 3 Champions

Ch. Averill Bo’ Sun sire of 3 Champs

Ch. Westfield Cunomorus Stone

Ch. Glyndebourne Ariadine dam of 1 champion

Ch. Huntcrest Rodney sire of 1 Champ

Glyndebourne Diva's Aria dam of 1 Ch

Ch. Heatherbull Arrogant Bandit Dam of 3 Champions

Ch. Hetherbull Arrogant Nigel HOF sire of 14 Champions

Ch. Hetherbull Bounty’s Frigate HOF Beckett sire of 45 Champions

Ch. Fredlyn's Be Ay HOF sire of 21 Cham

Ch. Bounty's Compass Rose dam of 2

Ch. Hetherbull Arrogant Venus dam of 2 champions

CH Jaylou's Major Major sire of 9 ch

Hetherbull Arrogant Ursula HOF 5 champ

Hetherbull Liz Melrod dam of 2 Champions

Ch. Melrods Fabulous Freddy HOF Beckett dam of 40 Champions

Ch. Walnut Row Moe's Mighty Samson HOF sire of 18 Champions

CH Buck's Lit'l Iodine of Melrod HOF 5

Ch. Melrods Pride of Beefeater dam of 2 Champions

CH Rich Flying Tiger sire of 1 Champ

CH Beefeater's Pride of Melrod 1 chmp

BISS. CH Trimbull Make No Mistake dam of 3 Champion

CH Legend’s Sumo of Fulton  sire of 9 Champions

Ch. Prestwick Gawain HOF/Beckett sire of 64 Champions

Ch. Cherokee Lord Prestwick HOF sire of 12 Ch.

Ch. Ful Ton the Bandit Sire of 9Ch.

Ch. Cherokee Harvest  Dam of 2 Champ

Ch. Jobob’s Duchess of Prestwick HOF/Beckett dam of 5 Champions

Ch. Cherokee Yancey HOF/Beckett sire of 28 Champ

Ch. Sarah’s Sophistacated Lady HOF/Beckett  dam of 7 Champions

Spoiled Rotten LilRosabelle Dam of 2 Champions

Ch. Little Pond Alligator Son  sire of 5 Champions

Ch. Cherokee Ivanhoe sire of 3 Champ

Ch. Cherokee Pride dam of 2 Champ

Castle Candy Delight

Workman’s Handsome Dan

Anderson’s Wrinkled Tiger

Ch. Collins Little Honey Bear dam of 2 Champions

Ful Ton Zephyr Sire of 5 Chmp

Ch. Prestwick Gawain HOF/Beckett 64

Ch. Cherokee Lord Prestwick HOF sire of 12 Ch.

Ch. Jobob’s Duchess of Prestwick HOF/Beckett dam of 5 Champions

Prestwick April of Ful ton

Ch. Birdeye’s Maxcorkindale  2 Champ

Ch. Prestwick Debutaunte  2 Champions

Farley’s Go Far Gin HOF/ Beckett Dam of 5 Champions

Ch. Churchill’s Manchester 3 Champions

Ch. Powerbull’s Hog Hanner sire of 7 Champions

Prestwick Belinda HOF dam of 4 Champion

Hales Triumpant Trudy

Ch. Dart’s Ol Cactus Pete 1 Champion

Ch. Farley’s Sadie Puf-n-Stuff