Bringing your new puppy home
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If you are here, you must be considering adding an english bulldog puppy to your home. Bulldogs are predisposed to certain medical anomalies, that are not common to other breeds. Be sure to check out Common Health concerns in English Bulldogs. A lot of breeders just take your money and pat you on the back. It is very important that new bulldog owners be educated about this breed.Below are what I consider the three most unique things about this breed compared to most canines.

1)English Bulldogs are Brachycephalic - which means short skulled. This is often associated with some soft tissue features, pinched nostrils, elongated soft palate, and extra folds in the throat. You can read more about these and other health concerns on our Health page. These things together are called the "Brachycephalic Syndrome" and they tend to obstruct their airway and interfere with his breathing. especially when hot, stressed or exercised. This is also what makes the bulldog snore. This is one of the main things that makes the bulldog not suitable for everyone. They cannot take the heat. A English Bulldog is not a breed of dog you can turn out into the back yard and forget about for an hour or two in extreme temps. A bulldog loves kids and are very good with children but due to their breathing they are not for the purchaser that is looking for a dog to "romp and stomp all over the woods for hours". A bulldog is a man made breed. They are like having a child, you have to look out for a bulldogs best interest so hot weather and a bulldog does not mix. I will say most english bulldog puppies do fine in the heat it is when they are into their second summer that they tend to have issues. Check out our health page for more information on this.

2) OFA ranks Bulldogs with the highest statistics of hip dysplasia.They are currently working on a breed specific rating. (What is normal for each breed) With this being said a bulldog should not have any problems with their hips. Just like their breathing what is abnormal in other canines is normal for bulldogs. According to OFA and other specialist, Hip dysplasia is not all genetics there are multiple environmental factors such as caloric intake & level of exercise. A good balanced diet should be fed to your bulldog. A diet too high in protein can have your puppy growing too fast and outgrowing his joints. Also a dog food too low in protein can affect the way he grows, not enough nutrition will lead to joint issues as well. We recommend feeding a Iams or Eukanuba large breed puppy food and the supplements listed below Nu Vet and Sure Grow.
Along with balanced nutrition an english bulldog puppy need adequate exercise. Most english bulldog puppies begin standing up around 3 wks of age.(Some working breeds are walking everywhere at this age.) Waddling around at 4wks.( They are standing up to eat out of a bowl, but most times fall asleep in the bowl!) They do play for short periods of time 5-8wks. They will play and chase and are very comical but they still sleep 80% of the day. Most homes today are hardwood floors and ceramic tile. It is extremely important that your english bulldog puppy get exercise outside on grassy areas. Keeping your puppy on these slick surfaces and only out to potty and right back inside, would be equivalent to keeping socks on a toddler on hardwood floors. A human baby would never develop the correct muscles and learn to walk correctly and a bulldog puppy will not either. Most people that want a english bulldog as a companion want a low energy dog. As a Adult this is what you will get, but to have a well developed bulldog he will need exercise just like a child. A Bulldog puppy should never be picked up by its front legs and shoulders. Serious injuries can result. Always pick up you puppy by placing one hand behind its front legs and one hand in front of its hind legs.
3) English Bulldog do not tolerate anesthesia well. In other breeds of dogs most vets give them a shot "to relax them" before masking them down A bulldog cannot be given these shots, you will be endangering their life. It is extremely important that you use a vet that is VERY experienced with the Bulldog breed before allowing them to spay, neuter or surgically correct anything on your English Bulldog. I cannot tell you how many phone calls I have received since 1998 that they lost their bulldog under anesthesia ( these were not puppies I bred, just bulldogs in general).When scheduling a surgery on a bulldogs You need to ask the the question " How many surgies do you do on a bulldog in a year" " Do you just mask them down or give them a shot",these could be the most important questions you ever ask.

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  • The Bulldog Yesterday, Today, and Tommorrow By John F McGibbon This is our Favorite.
    A must have!

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  • Supplements for your New English Bulldog puppy


    We all know there is not a vaccine available for every canine illness, as such we ask that your puppy be given NuVet Supplements. This supplement is important for the immune system, skin problems, bone structure, strength and cartilage development of your puppy. You will want to have this supplement on hand before you receive your puppy.Your puppies mother was on this supplement, therefore your puppy has been on this since day one. We feel very strongly about this supplement and believe it is worth every penny for the well being of your puppy. If you want your puppy to stay healthy, PLEASE keep him/her on this supplement!! We can't stress enough how wonderful this product is and we hope you want the absolute best for your puppy, GREAT health and a long life!! Please try this supplement, you will be more than happy with the results!!.

  • Sure Grow 100 Vitamin Supplement (100 Tabs)


    Sure Grow 100 Vitamin Supplement (100 Tabs)

    This is a supplement promotes optimal bone development and for maximum tendon, ligament, bone and tooth growth development in puppies. Also recommended
    for adult dogs, show dogs and pregnant and lactating bitches. Beneficial to dogs prone to hip dysplasia, lowered pasterns, rickets and poor ligament growth.
    We suggest you give this until your bulldog puppy is at least 10mos old in addition to the Nu Vet supplemnets. We have been crushing it and sprinkling over your puppies food.

  • How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days (Revised)More dogs lose their homes because they are not housetrained than any other reason. Simple, straight forward way to have your dog housebroke in seven days!


    Dangers in Rawhide.

  • Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)
    A must for all bullies. These pledgets are used to clean a bullies wrinkly face. Which at times, due to no air the wrinkles can harbor bacteria and yeast. Cut the wipes in half and get twice the use. good for ear maintenance too!
  • DermaPet Malacetic SPRAY (8 oz)
    A lot of times when you get your new puppy and you let him play outside he will develop a rash or red bumps on his belly. If not treated quickly this rash can be hot to the touch and very painful also setting up a skin infection. This spray will help him/her get over it quickly. Once your puppy gets tall enough that the grass doesn't prick his belly this will no longer occur. Just imagine if you were on your belly rolling around in the grass you would have the same thing occur on yours. His belly is as sensitive as yours. The spray is also great to have on hand, any time he has any skin irritation you can just spray this on a couple of times a day and it nearly always make it go away. It is antibacterial and anti fungal. Definitely a must have, and something to purchase before you bring your new baby home...
  • Bio-Groom Fluffy Puppy Conditioning Shampoo (12 fl oz)is a soap free conditioning shampoo excellent for your bulldog puppy! <
  • Bio-Groom Waterless Bath Shampoo (16 fl oz)This tearless shampoo brightens and highlights while adding luster to your bulldogs coat. It is quick-drying, excellent for quick touch-ups.Requires no rinsing very good in between baths when regular bathing is not possible.Safe on puppies contains no harsh chemicals.
  • Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy or Iams Large Breed Puppy icon Feeding a Premium dog food is essential for the growth and development.We always wean our pups on Eukanuba Large Breed puppy.

  • OurPets Premium DuraPet Non-Tip Bowl Large

  • Classic stainless steel(won't harbor bacteria).Non-tip,wont spill.Check out their whole line of Stainless Steel bowls and choose your own.

  • Midwest Life Stages Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate, 30 Inches by 21 Inches by 24 Inches From $39.99 You will need a place to keep your bully while you are away. It comes with a divider pane. Buy 1 crate for the growth cycle of your puppy.
  • YML 30-Inch Foldable Light Duty Door Dog Crate with Wire Bottom Grate and Plastic Tray, Black This crate has a floor grate.The floor grate can be used should your puppy have an accident. Your baby will remain dry. Once he no longer has accidents while you are away you can remove the grate.

  • Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen, 24 Inches by 30 Inches Midwest Exercise PenThis pen is a must have. It will provide a safely contained area for your puppy in the house or while outside (for easy house training).
  • NEW! Four Paws Extra Wide Wood Safety Gate (53-96" W x 24" H) We are often ask where to get the gate into our hall.

  • We recommend Promeris, Some flea meds that have been on the market for a while are no longer controling fleas. Promeris is still very effective it controls fleas for up to six weeks and ticks for up to four weeks,also controls demodectic mites and chewing lice. The cheapest place we have found it is They have free shipping too!

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