Yeast skin problems in the English Bulldog

Common Health Problem in English Bulldogs-Yeast skin infection
Yeast (Malassezia) is normal flora on the skin of dogs.Sometimes Bulldogs can get an overgrowth. Sometimes it appears as hairloss.It normally has an odor, and gives the skin a greasy appearance. Dogs can also have an overgrowth in the ears( Yellow discharge) between toes(yellow, crustiness, inflamed)and in skin folds. Animals that have an underlying condition such as a bacterial infection, allergy, or seborrhea can have irritated skin that is then susceptible to becoming infected with Malassezia. .

Yeast problems can be recognized with patch hair loss, crustiness and scaling and a foul or sweet smelling odor to their skin. If the infection is left untreated, involvement of deeper parts of the skin is possible and if left untreated or not healed 100% could escalate in to demodectic mange. It is very important to keep your dogs coat healthy at all times. A good multivitamin such as NuVet will help keep a bulldogs flora regulated. .

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Yeast Malassezia Infections

Products that can help with Dermatitis and Pyoderma
  • Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (8 oz)This is a unique, pleasant smelling, antifungal, antibacterial, deodorizing, degreasing shampoo. Works on most skin conditions of the English Bulldog. Bathe in the shampoo removing any scabs or crust, leave on for 10 min then rinse. Use 2 times a week

  • DermaPet Malacetic SPRAY (8 oz)
    Same ingredients as the shampoo. But in a spray form for easy application between shampoo's. The spray is great to have on hand use at first sign on any skin abnormalities
  • Mal-A-Ket Wipes by DermaPet (50 ct)
    A must for all English Bulldogs. These pledgets are used to clean a bullies wrinkly face. Which at times, due to no air the wrinkles can harbor bacteria and yeast. Cut the wipes in half and get twice the use. good for ear maintenance too!

  • Note: Trimbull Bulldogs has produced this document for education purposes only. Our definitions of the common problems in English bulldogs are our opinions only.These opinions have been formed by years experience in the bulldog breed having read numerous articles over the years. ALWAYS consult your veterinarian with any problem that may occur.