Acne in the English Bulldog

Common Health Problem in English Bulldogs-Acne

Acne is a type of skin eruption most seen in puppies from three to 12months of age, puppy puberty.Acne is most common in dogs with oily skin, and prduces pimple-like bumps on the lower lip, the chin, and in the groin area. You can treat it by washing the affected area twice a day with antibacterial soap, Oxydex or Betadine and applying triple antibiotic ointment. .

Products for Acne

Pyoben Shampoo (8 oz) Pyoben Shampoo (8 oz) For the treatment of infected skin in dogs, this shampoo contains 3% Benzoyl Peroxide in a shampoo base. Contains Glycerin to soften the coat.

Oxydex Shampoo by DVM Pharmaceuticals  12oz

Oxydex Shampoo by DVM Pharmaceuticals 12oz

A Potent, Antimicrobial, Cleansing And Degreasing Shampoo. Supplemented With Natural Moisturizers For Skin Rehydration. Contains 2.5% Benzoly Peroxide.

Spray for skin infections
Malaseb SPRAY (8 oz)
Malaseb SPRAY (8 oz)
Same ingredients as the shampoo. But in a spray form for easy application between shampoo's.

Malaseb Pledgets (60 count)
Malaseb Pledgets (60 count)
These pledgets are used to clean a bullies wrinkly face, good for ears too!

Note: Trimbull Bulldogs has produced this document for education purposes only. Our definitions of the common problems in English bulldogs are our opinions only.These opinions have been formed by years experience in the bulldog breed having read numerous articles over the years. ALWAYS consult your veterinarian with any problem that may occur.