Health Problems & Concerns that affect the English bulldog
Eye Problems                               Skin/Wrinkle Problems
Entropion/Ectropion                      Dermatitis/Pyoderma/Staph
Cherry Eye                                    Allergies
Distichiasis                                   Acne
Dry Eye                                        Demodectic Mange
Corneal Ulcer                               Hot Spots
Conjunctivitis                               Interdigital Cysts
Tear Stains
Heart Problems              Yeast Infections
Heart Murmur                             
Enlarged Heart                              
Valve Defects                                             
Structural Problems                                                                          Hip Dysplasia
Mouth/Jaw                     Luxating Patella
Cleft Palate                                   Hemivertebrae
Harelip                                         Spina Bifida
                                                    Elbow Dysplasia
Rear/Tail Problems         Arthritis/Joint Problems
Tight Tail                           
Inverted Tail                                              
Impacted Anal Glands                    Urinary Tract Infections
                                                    Bladder Infection
Respiratory Problems      Prolasped Urethra
Stenotic Nares                                Pyometra
Small Trachea               
Hypoplastic Trachea                                   
Elongated Soft Palate                    Hypothyroidism
                                                    Bloat/Gastric Torsion

This list was taken from The Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle's Website

I have activated links to information and tips for the problems.
English Bulldog Health & Care Information Page
We get phone calls and e-mails from time to time for information on the English Bulldog breed. How to care for their new puppy, information along with health issues that could affect their english bulldog. We will be glad to help you in any way we can. We feel it is very important to educate owners about the breed. Unfortunately there are many bulldog owners who are patted on the back and told good luck with your new puppy, and they are unaware of the issues that could affect their bulldog, this is not fair to the owner or the bulldog.We  are in the process of activating the links for a description of the problem along with information & resources on how to care for your English Bulldog. Please Check back hopefully we will be done in  a few months.

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