Welcome to Trimbull Bulldogs. We are located in Cullman, Alabama. Our first bulldog was purchased in 1993, and that is when we fell in love with the breed. Our first litter was born Jan. 1998. When the pups were 6 months old we entered the show ring for the first time. This has been a very exciting hobby for us.

     Once in the ring we were hooked! Since 1998 we have shown and finished 29 AKC Champion Bulldogs, 27 which are
Homebred Champions ( result of our breeding program). We have had the honor to have bred 2  BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW winner's (BISS Ch. Trimbull Make No Mistake)and (BISS Ch. Impressive Oliver,also the #5 Buldog for 2009) ,Owned & Loved   a Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame Producer & Beckett Award winner (Farley's Go Far Gin).We also were the breeder of another Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame Producer (Ch. Collins Roly Poly) In 2005 Herrell and I were inducted into The Bulldog Club of America - Hall of Fame, as breeders of 10 or more Homebred Champions. In 2011 Herrell and I were inducted into the 1st  platue of the Hall of Fame for breeding 25 or more AKC Champions and our Ch. Trimbull Zito was inducted into The Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame Producer  for siring 10 or more AKC Champions of record.

     We breed for health and temperment first, then conformation
(quality). Every good breeder is always trying to fix something, whether it be health or conformation. They do not just throw two dogs together and let the chips fall where they may. Breeding a litter should be a long thought process. A good breeder researches the dogs pedigrees to see what is behind the dogs they are breeding together; health issues and conformation faults that run in the lines.

     Please check out our site, We hope you enjoy our bullies as much as we do!!! They are a wonderful breed, but are not suitable for everyone. Bulldogs cannot take the heat and therefore MUST be housed indoors.  If you are considering purchasing a bulldog please check out
our health page along with our English Bulldog Informaion page. Feel free to email us any questions you may have about Bulldogs.

Herrell and Angie Collins

We really value our family time, therefore we ask that you call before 6pm weekdays CST and not call on Sund
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