Products for ear maintenance in the English Bulldog

Below is a very good ear cleaner
"DermaPet" Malacetic Otic (4oz)

"DermaPet" Malacetic Otic (4oz)

A general ear cleansing frequent use (up to 2-3 times daily) pH balanced product, which is unique to others on the market in that it uses functional acids. While Acetic acid is widely known to be effective against yeast, the most common complication in ear problems, it is Boric Acid that the human literature claims to be the effective agent. Acetic acid is unique in its property to be effective against Pseudomonas, the culprit in swimmers ear, as well as other bacterial and microbes. It does not contain ototoxic agents such as chlorhexidine or salicylic acid found commonly in many ear products or detergents or artificial cleansing or dewaxing agents. All natural, it does not contain alcohol, dyes, pain-killers or perfumes and is hypo-alergenic.

  • Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) Zymox is for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa due to bacterial, viral and yeast infections.

    Ear mites are normally brown goo in the ears, contact your vet for information.
  • Otomite Plus Ear Mite Treatment (15mL) by VIRBAC

    Otomite plus eliminates ear mites without irritation. Contains the highest levels of synergized pyrethrins available. Labeled for use on dogs and cats of any age.