We have created this page to illustrate the Color/Pigment changes in a English Bulldog Puppy from birth to 6-8wks.
These 2 adorable english bulldog boys are at birth then 6wks
This male bulldog is at birth then 6wks,then 12wks
also note how this puppys spot on his head has a white line seperating it but grows together by the second photo, and by the third the lightly white marking above his eye is more pronounced.
These 3 Bully girls are pictured at birth , then at 8wks
These girls at 4days then one at 8wks and one at 9wks
This males black faded altogether,and the thin white marking disappered  by the time he was 7wks
This male is Jitterbug. He was an ugly grey and turned out to be a beautiful red/fwn.

Also note how the patch looks low on his head at 1wk, but as his head grows winds up on top of his head.
As you can see from the photos they really do alot of changing. And you cannot predict what they will do or where a "spot" might end up or not. The way i relate to it is, when  our  youngest daughter was 3yrs old she had an accident and cut her face 1/2 inch from her eye and 1/2 inch from her temple. She had 13 stitches. We were so blessed that the blow didn't put her eye out, or kill her if it had hit her temple. She is now a teenager and the scar is at the bottom of her cheek bone..... Back to Trimbull Bulldogs Home Page