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Common Health Problem in English Bulldogs-Allergies
Allergies come about when a dogs immune system overreact to something in its diet or environment. The allergen that causes this response may be in the dog's food, something it breathes, contacts it skin, or when a dog is injected with something (flea bite,shot, bee sting, snake bite). The dogs response can vary from small to chronic. A bee sting, or snake bite would need IMMEDIATE vet attention. Skin problems are the most common reaction to allergens but it can also affect their respiratory and digestive systems. The dog may develop, round, raised hives and could develop face swelling(typically injected). A Benadryl can be given. The confusing thing is discovering what is causing the allergy.Staph bacteria is normal flora on the skin of dogs. The infections can range from surface, superficial or deep. They normally begin when something causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed and allows the bacteria to attack the skin:flea bites, allergies{inhaled,contact,or food} .

Flea Bite Dermatitis
Flea Dermatitis is the most common allergy in dogs and is caused by flea bites, specifically the saliva of the flea. . Watch for severe itching, chewing & hot spots. These dogs you would want to have Capstar on hand, and keep on flea control. When the dog is bitten it causes itchyness and hairloss. The scratching and hives predisposes to the development of secondary skin infections.

Food Allergy
Dogs can develop allergies to food ingredients that they have been fed for a long time. We recommend feeding Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato to a dog that has food allergies, it is an all natural food with no additives, preservatives or food color. Food Allergies can cause intense itchiness, bad smell to skin, scaling, acne(hives), and hot spots. All these symptoms predisposes to the development of secondary skin infections.
It is extremely important to stay on top of your bulldogs skin condition. Skin Infections that are left untreated can escalate into Demodetic mange.

Product to help fight dog canine skin allergies
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    Note: Trimbull Bulldogs has produced this document for education purposes only. Our definitions of the common problems in English bulldogs are our opinions only.These opinions have been formed by years experience in the bulldog breed having read numerous articles over the years. ALWAYS consult your veterinarian with any problem that may occur.